Hazrat Muhammad SAW as a husband and father

Role of Hazrat Muhammad SAW as a husband and father Hazrat Muhammad SAWW personifies the perfect role as father and husband. He was fair, and he...

Do Muslim women complete Islam by just wearing a veil? What actually completes them in real?

A Muslim is not just someone who was born into a religion. He/she should be much more than what they became because of inheritance. A Muslim...
Posted On 13 Dec 2014
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We Have Drunk Mullahs, No Wonder our Drunkards Are Shaheed

Before you go reprimanding me for the wording used in the title let me be clear to you that the first half of that sentence is a fact, and the...

Currency of the Black money: How much is there?

Money is easily the most important commodity that separates people today. It is the sole purpose of existence for so many people, and it can make...
Posted On 02 Oct 2014