The thought behind Muslim Academy was not one that envisaged a profitable means to an end but in fact was a means to peace. When the founders of Muslim Academy during their travels across the globe, saw Muslims finding it difficult to be in tune and in touch with God, while on the other hand, Non-Muslims were fraught with misconceptions about Islam, they felt it was a growing need that required to be addressed and a trend that needed to be arrested if the world as we know should know peace and prosperity as well.

Muslim Academy is not aimed at winning people over to Islam. We as Muslims respect your religious beliefs and culture as much as we are revering of ours. Hence the emphasis is purely on nurturing understanding to promote harmony and nothing else.

For Muslims however, the process of imparting cultural education to the next generation is one that needs an understanding for one’s self. Given the nature of business around the world, it is seldom that Muslims have access to a balanced education in Islam, Arabic and of course Tajweed. More importantly, it has become increasingly difficult to find educators who can teach Islam from the perspective of the world as it is today.

Muslim Academy aims to bridge these gaps by providing instruction in learning Arabic as well as the concepts of Islam, with a clear, balanced, and most importantly, a practical perspective that is required to ensure brotherhood and communal harmony.