Private Instructor(s)

Mahmoud Gamal has a long experience in teaching Arabic to English speakers. Online teaching with particular focus on the practical uses of Arabic for students that wish to learn how to move in Arabic speaking communities, is his specialty. Al Arabya Byn Yadyk and other famous books stand at the basis of his methodology. Learning how to converse in Arabic will be as easy as you never thought it possible.

My students say that I am patient, – he says – and I am, because I like this career. I enjoy helping them, finding out their needs and weaknesses in order to enable them to improve their knowledge of Arabic with great satisfaction of both: teacher and student.


A Shams University graduate, an experienced teacher and educator, Ahmed Mansour will take you to some very special Arabic classes. He will find the method that suits you best in order to make your experience profitable and enriching.  His education and experience with children, makes him the ideal teacher of Arabic for your child as well.

Sharing knowledge is what I enjoy most, – he says, – and language is a most important kind of knowledge. It encompasses culture and mentalities, contributing to improve societies.’